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 It has been quite the journey, getting here. Ideologically, temporally, and geographically. I’m thousands of miles away from my homeland, about 14 years removed, and ideologically? Well. Do you remember being a child and thinking about what you wanted to be when you grew up? I thought I might like to work in an office, with lots of papers and documents. I was overjoyed the day my mother told me what a secretary did. She still cracks jokes about how I would ask her about my documents, referring to my citizenship papers, over the phone as I waited for her to come and bring me back with her to the United States.

I am the first college graduate in my family, and by extension, the first professional or graduate student. Ideologically, I don’t think I can explain how far removed I am from where society expected me to be, and even further from where I expected myself to be. At 24, I will graduate from an Ivy League law school and business school. That same year, I will be a practicing attorney at a Vault 10 law firm.

This may not be your exact reality, but too often, I see the light of dreams and aspirations leaving eyes that look too much like mine. I see society trampling those dreams and aspirations, handing them back in a compact package full of words like “practical,” “safe,” “realistic,” and even “failure.” Through a unique combination of factors, I was able to overcome various obstacles, and by sharing my process, it is my hope that other men and women of color facing similar obstacles will find inspiration, empowerment, support, information, strategies and advice for not only surviving in our society, but thriving, excelling and succeeding at whatever your passion might be.

I want to serve as a resource, so this space will be a reflection of my experiences; one that I hope will not only have an impact in your life, but will inspire you to turn around and do the same for whoever comes next.

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