The Practice of Gratitude.

What are you grateful for today? I know, I know. The advice to practice gratitude is everywhere in our culture, with all of the self-help, mindfulness, and spiritual practice guides, Instagram accounts and Youtube vloggers out there. Sometimes it can feel so ubiquitous that it gets lost in a crowd of quick fixes and ‘life hacks.’

For that reason, I say this. Gratitude changes lives. What if you could wake up every day, thankful for another opportunity to work toward happiness and help others however you can? What if you were grateful for the patience of those waiting for you when late, instead of being upset and apologetic for your lateness? It can be hard to form these habits of thinking and speaking, but could you do it for a week?

I challenge you to a 7 day gratitude challenge. For 7 days, measure how many times you say thank you, and try to make it more than 10. Write down 10 things you’re grateful for everyday. Reframe at least 5 negative things with gratitude. Instead of “I am so broke this month,” reframe this thought as “I am grateful for what I’m going to learn from my current circumstances.”

Are you in?

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