Through individualized, one-on-one coaching, I equip my clients with the tools to succeed academically and professionally.

Through evocative, mind-expanding meetings and experiential thoughtwork, professionals and future professionals enhance their emotional intelligence, ability to prioritize, and clarify as well as solidify their paths forward.

Why work with me?

First, everyone can benefit from coaching. Even those who know forget, and those who never knew will likely not find out without a gentle nudge (me). If you need clarification on that, work with me!

Second, you and I both know that the readers who come to my page are by far already successful. Private Coaching is for those committed to high level self-actualization.

Third, I specialize in breakthroughs in interpersonal relationships using the technique 'Leadership as Emotional Intelligence.'

Fourth, Private Coaching is an emerging one-on-one relationship between a client and an experienced coach. During this process, your vision, values, commitments, and drivers come clearly into focus. And as millennials, those are some of the most difficult for us to pin down.

Fifth, and finally, coaching enables those who take advantage to significantly enhance their performance by pinpointing areas of weakness and further fortifying areas of strength. To be frank, I help my clients to immediately take charge and live out your best life and careers.

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