Welcome to MelaMillennial, a space created to empower, educate and arm professionals and future professionals with the knowledge needed to realize their dreams. The founder of MelaMillennial, Alexi Thomas-Villatoro, leverages her passion for advocacy and education to make this space available for those who might not think they can overcome the challenges and obstacles they face, whether that is being first generation, low income, both, or anything else.

MelaMillennial is here to make sure that difficult circumstances don’t stop anyone in our community from achieving their full potential. With that said, how do we access, find success in, and thrive in traditional professional spaces? Our accomplishments in the arts, media & entertainment and other creative spaces are gaining more of the spotlight and recognition, day by day, which is hugely important. What about those whose passions lie in STEM? Finance? Law? Medicine? General Management and Administration? At the end of the day, those who are low income and/or first generation have a much harder time accessing the resources and information necessary to building fulfilling and successful careers in these spaces. MelaMillennial is a space that purports to remind its readers that they are capable of remarkable success, and that our community is behind them, supporting them every step of the way. MelaMillennial is here to arm its readers with the ability to believe in themselves.

The only question left to ask is this: Are you the next #MelaMillennial?


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